3 Reasons to Forgo Braces and try ClearAligner (Invisible Braces)

3 Reasons to Forgo Braces and try ClearAligner (Invisible Braces)

Are you ready to straighten your smile but haven’t decided between traditional braces or invisible braces? Here are some facts about ClearAligner that may help you decide.

ClearAligner is affordable and convenient! With ClearAligner there’s no need to visit the dentist’s office. At only $298 per Aligner, you’ll save time and hundreds of dollars by working directly with the dental lab online.

ClearAligners are comfortable and look great on you! When they are worn by the patient, ClearAligners are not visible, allowing you to smile with greater confidence. Metal brackets are distracting and show up in photos but ClearAligners don’t. In addition, there’s no wires or brackets to cause cuts or sores in your mouth. This makes ClearAligner perfect for athletes.

Eat and clean without limitations. With ClearAligner, you’re allowed to remove your invisible braces at meal time and to brush your teeth. This means you’re allowed to enjoy sticky and hard foods with ease and without having to worry about food getting entangled in the brackets. ClearAligners also makes it easier to maintain oral health, since no metal brackets are in the way of your brushing and flossing efforts.

While metal braces and invisible braces are both effective in correcting your teeth, ClearAligner has some additional benefits. However, not everyone is a candidate for ClearAligner. Crowded teeth and complex issues will require the help of an orthodontist.

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