Keeping your Custom Mouthpieces Clean

Daily brushing and flossing are important parts of your dental health regimen, but it is just as important to ensure your custom mouthpieces (such as night guards, wire retainers and partial dentures) are properly cleaned to ensure good hygiene and durability. Here are some steps to keep your mouthpieces clean and cleaned to ensure good hygiene and durability. Here are some steps to keep your mouthpieces clean and
well-functioning. Rinse and Brush Your Custom Mouthpiece Often

This may mean rinsing your mouthpiece after each use or after each meal. Using a soft-bristled brush, gently brush all sides of the mouthpiece. This will help remove pieces of debris and even loosen plaque that may be developing on the mouthpiece. Overall, this will prevent staining and make cleaning your mouthpiece an easier task.

Deep Clean Your Mouthpiece

Once or twice a week, deep clean your mouthpiece by soaking it in denture cleaner. This will help kill

germs that cause odor in addition to controlling the growth of bacteria and microorganisms on your

mouthpiece. Denture cleaner can be purchased over the counter.

Store your Mouthpiece in a Clean, Dry Place.

Allow your mouthpiece to dry completely after cleaning to prevent bacterial growth. When not in use, it is

important to store it in a clean, dry place for the same reason. A mouthpiece case can be very handy for

this, but should also be kept clean and dry. This also adds a layer of protection for mouthpieces so they

don’t accidentally get lost or broken!

Don’t use Hot or Boiling Water to clean Your Mouthpiece

While instinct may tell you to use hot or boiling water to clean your mouthguards, retainers, partials or

dentures, you should avoid doing this because it can end up warping and misshaping your custom

mouthpiece. Instead, opt for warm water using the cleaning tips above.

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