What Retainer Is Best For You

The ideal type of smile consist’s of straight, white teeth that are free of cavities along with fresh, minty breath. Although some people are lucky to be born with the ‘perfect smile’, not all people are entitled to that privilege. Fortunately, everyone can obtain the smile they want. The practice of odontology has evolved over the years due to the rapid advancement of technology and has made it easier for all dental patients to obtain a healthy and immaculate smile. One of the most popular and successful methods of fixing people’s smiles are retainers and Aligners.
Retainers do exactly as they imply, they retain your current tooth position, therefore, whatever position your teeth are in when you place them into the ‘Impression Material’…is the position the retainer will be made.  If you’re looking for movement, may I suggest you look at our aligners:
The Aligner trays are only sold in singles, designed to do minor tooth movement…each able to do 1mm of tooth movement (about 3X more aggressive than Invisalign)…once you’ve completed the three-week application, if you’re pleased with the results, you would move to the next aligner by making the next purchase (if need be)…at a fraction of Invisalign, with no trip to a dental office.
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